About us

We are a mixed bunch of people from all walks of life. We each have different interests, a load of talent, and a shared passion for music. We completely believe in what we do, we have more than 20 years combined experience in commercial radio and Music industry.

In our previous lives our team members have worked as Station Directors and Sales Directors, Dj’s , Programmers and Traffic Managers. Some started as listeners or sales people who’ve been our reps first, then joined E-Z group because they’ve experienced first hand our passion for Music & Radio advertising.

(Because of our passion in making music and everything which is involved with it, we kept improving month by month, day by day with new concept. )

We love talking to people about radio and looking at the future of the radio. It goes without saying that we love commercials and as an independent radio advertising agency, we are also involved in decisions that are made within the industry.

Many clients know us mainly as BEACHGROOVES RADIO. For others we are also an agency that organizes all types of events . Whether you use just one or all services, you will always have the benefit of our broad knowledge and experience.

Our mission

E-Z Advertisement is a leading multi-platform music service provider offering clients and consumers the best music vibes, ambiance and entertainment, curated by experts from around the globe. Energy, modernity and openness define E-Z advertisement and its range of services.

E-Z advertisement prides itself on its years of experience in the music and radio industry, the quality of its transmission, products and the integrity at the heart of its relationships with clients and partners.